Attention and Hyperactivity

About Attention and Hyperactivity

Attention problems include loss of focus, distractions, disorganization which can affect the learning process. Hyperactive behaviors may change with age but could affect behavior and most of the times causes problems in attention leading to problems in academics. Attention and Hyperactivity generally coexist but children may have them separately also.

Signs of Inattentiveness

  • Can’t follow multiple directions.
  • Can’t pay attention, focus, concentrate for a long time.
  • Is disorganized in daily activities.
  • Forgets things not experienced.
  • May look like daydreaming, zoning out, falling asleep or not responding.

Hyperactivity: signs

  • Restless and fidgeting all the time.
  • Can’t sit in their seat.
  • Over active and do things too fast, bored easily.
  • Talks excessively and sometimes beyond age.
  • Out of control with behaviour problems.

Impulsivity: signs

  • Don’t think and act.
  • Likes to take unwarranted risks.
  • Frequent school complaints.
  • Interrupts others and picks up fights.
  • Can’t wait for their turn, answers before the question is finished.