Difficulties Learning to Read

Understanding Your Child's Trouble with Reading

Reading is the first thing we learn in the school; some children find it difficult or are not naturally good in reading. They are very good at oral but poor in writing and expression. The reading problems can be due to various reasons and affect their reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. The problem could be in all languages or just English.

Signs of Reading Problem

  • Confusion between b and d, order of letters was - saw.
  • Can’t read words, guesses the words, can’t remember common words.
  • Difficulty in reading, reading aloud, makes sounds while reading like aaaa, uummm, leaves unknown and difficult words while reading, reads without expression and ignores punctuations.
  • Reading is so hard that it’s difficult to understand or comprehend what is read.
  • Reads very slowly and reading tires the child greatly.