Children with Motor Difficulties

Understanding Your Child's Difficulty With Movement and Coordination

This is a problem which is very difficult to understand by others, the children with this problem can range from a minor to major issues. The muscles in the body cannot follow or sometime understand the signals sent by the brain. It can range from some small muscles to the whole body also.


  • Problem in fine motor skill. Difficulty in holding a pencil or using scissors, tying shoelaces, putting buttons, aiming. Slow at dressing and in writing.
  • Problem in gross motor skills, co-ordination, catching a ball or hitting a ball.
  • Confusion between left and right, up and down, front and back.
  • Difficulty riding a cycle. Bad in sports or avoids sports or Physical Education.
  • Problem in judging distance, height, length and speed.
  • Odd posture while walking. Problem in balancing. May constantly bump into objects and fall over.
  • May be slow in giving response and have problems with comprehension. Rejected by peers, may prefer adult company.
  • Sensitive to sound and touch, including high levels of noise, participating in group activity, wearing new clothes.
  • Limited concentration and poor listening skills. Inability to remember more than two or three instructions at once.